Got a question? Hopefully the answers below will work. 

If not, just drop us a line at

So how exactly does the App work?

Generation London is quick and easy to use. Just open the App click on a Brand to find out a little bit about them and see any Offers, Promotions, Sales or Events they are hosting. Then simply click on an Offer you like, an Event you want to attend or a Competition you want to enter and follow the onscreen instructions

Why do you want me to fill in my profile?

Generation London works for our members to bring them what they want, when they want it. In order to optimism this service we are keen to understand what it is that interests you, what you do and where you are based. We can then work with our Brand Partners to bring you targeted Offers and Organised Events that might be of interest based on where you work, what you do and what your interests are. 

Don’t worry, all your information is secured and encrypted and we do not share or sell any of your individual info to any other company including our Brand Partners. Generation London works solely for our members.

I don’t have an Android or iPhone, can I still sign-up?

Unfortunately the App only works on Android or iOS operating systems.

Why do you only work with one Brand in each Lifestyle area?

Generation London is focused on making our members life better and easier. So in order to reduce the time our members have to spend searching for great Brands we do the hard work for them. We take time to listen to what our members want and then try and find a great company to work with to meet your needs. This way we think our members can make choices quicker thus making time for the more important things in life.

I have a great idea to make Generation London even better!

We are always keen to improve, whether that is working with new Brands or adding better services, if you have a great idea then just email us at

How can I cancel my membership?

We would be sorry to see you go but you can cancel your membership by simply email

I sent you an email but I haven’t heard anything, what should I do?

We endeavour to come back to you within 48 hours, just bear with us a little longer.

I work for a great Brand that would be a great fit for Generation London, how do I get in touch?

We are always keen to talk to great Brands, just send us an email at